Ваза для цветов Луана, Бургундия, высота 19,5 см CL000028173051

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Фото Ваза Philippi
Ваза Philippi

Ваза Philippi. Цвет: серебряный. Сезон: Весна-лето 2016.

Фото Marni Market плетеная ваза Cactus
Marni Market
Marni Market плетеная ваза Cactus

Плетеная ваза Cactus от Marni Market. Цветной узор и металлическая фурнитура.

Фото Raawii - Strøm Large Ceramic Vase - Red
Raawii - Strøm Large Ceramic Vase - Red

Raawii - Raawii's red Strøm vase is imagined by Danish furniture designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen and encompasses his signature minimalist style with inspirations of the 20th-century Cubism movement. It's handmade in Portugal from ceramic earthenware with a cylindrical base and top and a spherical middle, then fired with a semi-matte glaze for a modern look. Use it as a statement accent to any room or as a table centrepiece filled with fresh flowers.

Фото Ваза Just Beauty Just Beauty Ваза Just Beauty

Ваза Just Beauty. Цвет: золотой. Сезон: Весна-лето 2021.

Фото Ваза Русские подарки Русские Подарки Ваза Русские подарки

Ваза Русские подарки. Цвет: . Сезон: Весна-лето 2021.

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